Our Mission

Providing to our region and the rest of the world the products that can serve the application of aerospace, automotive, additive manufacturing, Prototyping, construction architecture and more other individuals.

Our vision is delivering our message to the rest of the world on how does the 3D world serve us and what is the importance of it in future.

Our products are FDM, LCD, Food, SLA and SLM 3D Printers. White Light, Blue Light, Laser 3D Scanners & Drones.

Application Fields

Automobile Manufacturing

Prototype, test, and produce all manner of tools, jigs, fixtures, and street-ready parts with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Receive the Auto Innovation Series and stay abreast of key 3D printing breakthroughs helping make auto manufacturers and suppliers more competitive.

Medical Care

Introducing 3D printers to pharmacies and hospitals would allow physicians, nurses, and pharmacists to form a dose and delivery system based on the patient’s body size, age, lifestyle, and gender. This would make medicine personal to the patient, and also save money and resources.

Home Furnishings

While 3D printing is gaining ground in the industrial sector, it is also present on a smaller scale in homes, open spaces or even parks and streets. Designers and manufacturers use 3D printing technologies to increase complexity and offer customisable furniture. Some can even be printed directly at home.

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial-grade professional 3D printers use PolyJet or FDM technologies to provide solutions to a wide range of needs from rapid prototyping to manufacturing. From rapid prototyping to medical modeling and manufacturing, our 3D printers use revolutionary FDM and PolyJet technology to make whatever you need, quickly and efficiently.

Cultural & Creative Industry

The continuous development of information technology, the design of software and digital tools has laid a solid foundation for the further application of 3D printing. The application value and industrial significance of 3D printing technology in the cultural creative industry can be reflected

Creative Jewelry

Our 3D printing solutions ensure perfect quality and reliability every time, reduce time to market and cost, and, while fitting into your standard manufacturing workflows, allow you to achieve new levels of jewelry design and productivity.

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