We make the impossible..possible
We make the impossible..possible

who we are :

Arkaki is an emerging Saudi company in the new world of trade with a vision for 2030. We aim to offer services such as smoothly introducing a three-dimensional world to the region, in addition to providing immediate maintenance support, drones, 3D scanner technology and solar energy devices, all under the umbrella of one organization.


Our goal :

To provide our region and the rest of the world with products that can serve these industries: aerospace, automotive, additives, prototyping, structural architecture, and more.


Our Vision:

To communicate our message to the rest of the globe about a three-dimensional world: how it can serve us and why it is important in the future.


What Do We Offer?

3D printers – drones – 3D scanners – solar energy devices


What sets us apart?

We are the only and exclusive agency within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which enables us to keep the purchasing and maintenance processes running smoothly.


Who Do We Target?

Everyone who has an idea. We help them make it a reality.
, about kaki
, about kaki

Our Staff

, about kaki

Abdul Rahman Kaki

Executive Director
, about kaki

Nasser Al-Barakati

General Director
, about kaki


Operation Manager
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