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How Does a 3D Pen Work

Do you know “how does a 3d pen work?”, that technology which became one of the most popular 3D printing technologies at the time, because it is very simple, so that we choose in this article to explain it with some details, what is, how it works, what are the types, who uses it and what are its applications? If you are interested in that, follow us.

 How does a 3d pen work?

One day, my friend asked me: how does a 3d pen work? Have you heard about it?

I respond: of course, I heard this technology is sorcery of the modern day.

To know how 3D pen technology works, You should know its concept first.

Where the 3D pen technology simply extrudes warm or heated plastic from the nozzle of the pen.

The 3D pens technology works by what’s known as “extrusion”, which is to feed the plastic by the pen, then melting it before it comes out of a nozzle to the pen end.

With the help of the 3D pen tech, you can draw a raised graphic on the paper or on a specific flat surface. 

The 3D pen allows you to draw in mid-air, you can instantly form 3D structures right in front of you.

After that you can pick up the object and hold it in your hand.

 In addition to that, you can draw on the earth. When the earth leaves the pen, the melted plastic will be malleable and soft.

After that a few seconds the plastic solidifies, that makes the pick-up-able structure with solid and stable specificifications.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 3D pen?

After you know respon on this question: how does a 3d pen work?, you may ask yourself how can you benefit from it?

This technology doesn’t require any software, and it doesn’t contain any files to transfer, and it is easy to master

In other words, you can draw anything you imagine, it comes directly from the mind, to the hand.

The biggest advantage that makes it very unique is you can use it to draw on the fly.

How Does a 3D Pen Work

But the pen temperature may increase to a different temperature based on the material that you put it into the pen.

In addition to that there are two types from these technology, the one is ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)  

and the other one isPLA (Poly Lactic Acid).

How can you choose a 3D pen?

You can choose one of them based on the features you need.

Where the advantages of ABS is low cost, and type of plastic is cheap and popular in manufacturing industries.

The most common filament for 3D pens, and buying ABS filament at craft stores these days is easy.  

But its disadvantages are greater melting points, ranging between 210 to 250 degrees Celsius.

Using them at this temperature causes the plastic to produce mild fumes that can cause anyone who inhaled the fumes to become irritated.  

While the advantages of PLA would be shocking to learn usually from plants such as potato, maize,or cane sugar.

It’s true that it is a kind of plastic, but it’s biodegradable as well, so the atmosphere wouldn’t be contaminated.  

It has a melting point At 160 to 220 degrees Celsius or less, when it is heated, it emits a mildly sweet odor instead of toxic fumes.

But its advantages are once extruded from the nozzle of the pen, 3D printing filaments made from PLA are slower to cool down.

When you choose, you need additional cooling devices, Also, PLA is more brittle than ABS.  

Who Would Use A 3D Pen and what are its applications?

As you know, the community includes very varied people and there’s no one size fits all.

So that you find 3D pens mainly being used by makers, artists, designers of home and fashion, educators, DIY fixers, engineers, hobbyists.

In addition to that, you find all who want to have a little creative fun, and its applications as the following:

  • An Art piece   

You can use the 3D pen to make one-of-a-kind pieces of art, such as sculptures, architecturally 3D drawings, or wall art.

  • Prototype objects   

It makes product development in the fields of jewelry, automotive and apparel simpler.

It is very useful for fast idea generation and construction, and is very suitable for the professionals.  

  • Repair something using 3D pen   

Aside from creating 3D objects from scratch, 3D pens can also be used to restore 3D objects and damaged items.  It can help you to repair broken zippers, hangers, and so many more even broken 3D objects.   

  • For educational purposes   

A 3D pen can be safe for children, it is a very fantastic way to boost the child’s imagination.

But you should make sure that Which 3D pen is suitable for kids, that is if a 3D pen doesn’t produce excessive heat.

And you can use 3D pens as exciting artistic tools in art classes, use it Young children.

For example, they may use 3D pens to create simple geometric forms, sculptural pieces and blocks, or  art that demonstrates their inner talent.  

  • Using it as a hobby and having fun   

It’s not necessary to be one of the experts to own a 3D pen, anyone can use a 3D pen to develop his hobby and have fun.  

Using a 3D pen Remainders

After you know “how does a 3d pen work”, and what are its applications, there are some things should pay your attention when you use it:

  • Don’t leave it unattended because it may cause fire accidents.  
  • If you see smoke or bubbles from filament, here the temperature is very high.  
  • If the filament of plastic is too thick and extrudes very slowly, here the temperature is very low.   
  • The users who use ABS filament extensively must work in well-ventilated environments.

Or must use masks to prevent too much inhalation from toxic fumes.

Finally, that was all about the 3D pen technology and “how does a 3d pen work”, we advise you to try it, it is really interesting, creative and very fun.

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